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October 11, 2019
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February 1, 2021

We get this question almost on a daily basis, IP cameras or analog cameras ?

Today we are here to share what is the difference and you can decide for yourself which to get.

IP cameras as you might have already known is a newer technology of cctv system. It is slightly more costly then the older technologies like analog and the newer version of analogs = CVI , TVI , SDI, AHD.

IP camera uses Cat5/6 cables to transmit the signal and have the capacity to transmit higher amount of data which results in higher resolution capabilities.

Analog cameras like TVI , SDI , AHD has limitations on the signal transmission and thus unable to achieve super high resolutions.

Ip camera system on the other hand can work as a standalone camera with just a power adapter , but analog camera wont be able to do that.

For Hikvision products, Ip cameras are mostly in metal body and analog cameras will mostly be in plastic quality.

Base on the above mentioned, you should go for IP system if budget allows as it will produce higher quality.


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